21 October, 2008

Near-instant Gratification

There are few things, I've discovered, more satisfying than growing beans.

I planted these climbing lovelies in our "three sisters" garden on October 10th, and only a few short days later they began to sprout. Just days beyond sprouting, they've unfolded their hunched little bodies and grown nearly as tall as the corn, planted two weeks prior. It's a small pleasure, perhaps, but a beautiful one. I think there's an aspect of enlightenment in watching such things grow.

In other news around the plot, it was a pricey grocery week, though mostly due to buying tons of meat to freeze. However, I nearly fainted when we paid $1.60 for a single lime for this week's pad thai recipe, and that led to heightened discussions of planting our own lime and lemon trees. Hopefully the upcoming scary-birthday and holidays will fulfill our citrus dreams.

The big excitement at home today was the Grand Bee Exodus of 2008. I was out on the porch, grabbing a smoke, and heard a low buzzing din from the roadway. Thinking it just a gearhead revving his heap, I started to sit in my comfy porch chair, then I saw a bee fly by...and another...and another.

This, in and of itself, is not a terribly unusual sight in our incredibly fragrant, floral yard. But the din grew, and I looked out to the patch of road beyond our little green gate. Bees. Lots and lots of bees. Little horrific yellow dots of beedom buzzing in cloud formation only a few paces away, heading down the road in a southerly direction.

I promptly sealed myself inside the house and phoned my husband to inform him I'd be smoking inside the rest of the day. Then I rang up the council and reported the swarm. Shudder central! Yes, that's right. The City Mouse is a severe bee-phobic gardener! I hope they find a home far, far away. Simultaneously, I hope they left a few friends behind to polinate my tomatoes.


Maggie ~:) said...

You know, I've seen little dwarf lemon trees in flower shops and have thought Seriously about getting one. Citrus is still rather cheap here, Fiesta is the Home of cheap limes! But it's so nice to be able to pick one lemon of your own tree for that fresh made hummus, no? And as soon as I can find a Dwarf Pomegranate tree, I'm ON IT!!!!!

citymouse said...

Oh man, I miss cheap citrus. I also dearly miss the lime tree I had outside my place in LA. It was soooo nice. I think it'll run us around $40 to get a lemon and a lime, but it will definitely be worth it.

And merry early xmas ;) http://www.aaronsfarm.com/product/Dwarf+Pomegranate+Tree -- They'll be shipping trees soon, as they go into dormancy.

Maggie ~:) said...

Eeeeeee!!!!! RAWK!

citymouse said...

Teehee, thought you'd like that!