26 October, 2008

Winter or Summer-Pick one, already!

Bonkers weather and gale-force winds have been kicking the crap out of our semi-established veggies. In the course of the last week, we've been as cold as 3c (37.4f) and as hot as 33c (91.4f)!!! That's just not fun for a garden that's really just finding it's roots.

Saturday was spent in garden-free pursuits, what with the oppressive temperatures, hot north winds, zero humidity, and a cloud-cover so heavy it may as well have been a wool blanket. I baked up some yummy banana bread and we took care of every imaginable errand, including buying the last of the spring-planting seeds, a little strawberry bush, and a handful of dime store Halloween decorations.

Today? Barely 20c (68f), and filled with the smells of my husband cooking brunch. He felt guilty for playing video games all morning, so I'm getting a treat of his meal-a-week being far more extravagant than Vegemite-cheese toast. Guilt is a wonderful (and yummy) motivator!

Before too long, we will be out in the dirt and weeds once more. I've a second Three Sisters mound to plant, hubby wants to check on the tomatoes he literally bandaged up this morning (pics soon), he has more bulbs to replant, and it's Watering Day on the Fleurieu. That, along with re-seeding some bald patches of lawn, kneading up some homemade pizza dough, and putting up our meager Halloween display , will keep us right busy 'til the sun goes down.

Oh, how I long for a slacker's weekend.


RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

What a lovely meal!


Kelly the City Mouse said...

Yeah, he did very well. A good English breakfast.