28 November, 2008

Seeds, glorious seeds!

Here it is, the American harvest festival day, and here I am, still planting seeds! These beauties recently appeared in our mailbox.

Imagine my glee, a few weeks ago, when I ran across a random post on cheap living journal, offering seed samples from a commercial farm supplier. New world records were set with the speed I used to e-mail the lovely girl offering the freebies. Before I knew it, an envelope stuffed full of veggies-to-be arrived.

The generous girl, a dispatcher for the company, had no real motivation beyond generosity, to offer us the seeds. This company typically sells in bulk to large market farms. So, I have high hopes for these little gems.

Ten days ago, I planted some iceberg and red coral lettuces, though Laney-dog dug up a fair few, leaving the results in question. Two days ago, slow-bolting summer varieties of broccoli, cauliflower, and pak choi found their way into the ground. I'm very excited to see how this experiment plays out. And it will be a long one, as she also sent some autumn-growing varieties.

Following the plant theme, yesterday we celebrated a four-way birthday for my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandma-in-law, and me...Plants were, by far, my predominant theme. Hubby's mom and her partner gave me a lovely gift certificate to a small nursery they've grown to love, and his aunt and uncle gave me some gardener's gold in the form of a Bunnings card. There will be much landscapey goodness to come!

If this weekend weren't booked to the "nth degree" with tonight's Faux-Thanksgiving, tomorrow's holiday spree and decoration fest, and my birthday celebrations on Sunday, I'd be spending every last dime of those gifts right away.

The remainder of my day will be filled with preparations for tonight's private Thanksgiving meal. It's only the two of us, but it will be good. But for now, be sure to head over to Razor Family Farms and wish my sister, Lacy, a happy 25th. Yes, our birthdays are two days (and five years) apart. And yes, that means I'll be 30. I blame our father.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!