03 December, 2008

Birthdays, Beaches, and Big Boxes

Another decade has passed, this one coming in with a roar and going out with something like a meow. Given all that has changed since my last birthday, I'm pretty grateful for such a peaceful exit to my twenties.

In the last year, I've moved half way across the world, married my hardworking man, become a homeowner, begun a greener lifestyle, and have become doggy-mom to the best behaved canine alive. That's quite a lot for one little year to take! So, the year and I needed a mellow retrospective, rather than a raucous sendoff to commemorate such a time.

Hubby did his best to ensure that I relaxed the whole day long. He made a lovely breakfast, an we lounged about most of the day, watching old movies and decorating our beautiful Christmas tree. Early in our easy day, he and Laney brought me my beautiful gifts—A small shamrock charm for the necklace he began for me last year, and the mystery project he'd been building, all month, in the shed.

It was a cold frame potting table! Just for me! Even now I can envision the seedlings it will sprout, and the lettuces and cherry tomatoes it will bring during colder months. He did a beautiful job. Now we just have to find a way to wrestle the beast back to the garden walk.

Later in the day, we shared my traditional birthday sushi dinner at a small restaurant on the beach, then it was a windy seaside view of the sunset, ice cream cones in hand, and a stroll along the annual Christmas display at West End Brewery.

There were phone calls from family near and far, cards from my parents, and plans for using the lovely gifts I'd been given the week before. Now that all the celebrations have ended, it's back to work for these two revellers. There is a dog pen to construct, a garden to tend, a patio to dig, and finances to sort.

All totalled, though far quieter than most birthdays I've celebrated, it was a truly lovely day. Hopefully it is a foretelling of the year to come.


Margo said...

sounds like you had a lovely birthday - and I'm really impressed with your cold frame. What a clever hubby!

Kelly the City Mouse said...

It really was. And yes, he did a great job! Now I just have to get out of holiday/bday mode and start busting some garden butt again!

The W.O.W. factor said...

You really have had huge changes in your last year! They are wonderful changes too! You sound so happy and I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday!

Kelly the City Mouse said...

W.O.W. - It's been a crazy year! Most were great, all were really exhausting!

And thank you! It was a very very nice bday. Here's hoping the spirit carries me through to a beach-bingo Christmas without losing my holiday energies :)