17 December, 2008

Lining 'em Up and Knocking 'em Down

Scrape and patch, plaster, sand, and paint. That is the rhythm of the week. Another dragon in the forest of Phase 1 Re-dos has been slain! What once was a dingy, lumpy, bumpy bathroom with pink marbled tiles and a blue tub and basin, is now smooth, cool, and blue...with pink marbled tiles and a blue tub and basin. But, that's why it's called Phase 1.

Hubby dutifully smoothed out the walls, getting rid of all cracks and crevices. My task was to take what's old and make it new, rolling on the free blue that falls somewhere between Robins Egg and Seafoam in the Crayola spectrum. It's not a color we'd have chosen for ourselves, but who are we to judge free paint? No one! That's who.

If only that were some kind of final point in our efforts, but nay, the husband has already begun scraping our horror of a toilet, with the laundry to follow soon behind. Eventually Phase 2 of many projects will commence, with paint for the kitchen, and either a re-tiling or repainting of existing bathroom tiles, then finally a terrazzo floor resurfacing, if we can figure out just how one can do that.

I'm pretty happy with the "Green" theme of our renovations. While we're not using soy-based paints or chemical-free anything, we are using second hand products that might've otherwise found their way into landfills. Unwanted paints and cabinets are our best friends in this penny-pinching endeavor and, thus far, the results are looking damn fine to me!


Margo said...

Very impressive - you two have had a super productive couple of weeks!

Kelly the City Mouse said...

Thank you! It's been crazy, and will continue to be so until after Xmas. Whew! Then we're taking a couple days off to completely mellow. Maybe go fishing, woot! Hopefully I'll be able to give the outdoors more attention then, too :) Not to mention my blog.