03 April, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Silence may be golden, but it's a bit counterproductive for a blog. Sadly, I must announce the grim and violent exit of my beloved Samsung camera. She fell prey to the snarling devil beasts that are my dogs. The hubby, in his desire to allow us a bit of extra weekend shuteye, let pup and mom out of their room and let them roam. Alone. In the House. Without supervision. Destruction ensued and my camera became a light aperitif in the feast of paper, pillows, and paperbacks we awoke to find shredded upon the floor.

Soon, there will be a new camera and life will return to normal. Though, we may need a new hard drive, too, as my own decided it didn't want to wake up today. So, technical difficulties abound and I shall spend the added time outside counting the unholy crop of pumpkins we are soon to harvest.

We'll keep you posted as technology permits!

"Indian head" classic test pattern from Broadcasting 101.


Margo said...

Oh dear. Bad poochies! Bad hubby! Put them all on the naughty step :)

I suppose you could amuse yourself making carved pumpkin cameras....

Kelly the City Mouse said...

Ha! I could at that. Nah, hubby's punishment is that he did the clean-up duty and is nicely buying me a new camera. But I like that pumpkin carving idea, as I have NO idea what to do with the 20+ butternuts that are ripening in our patch!

Margo said...

Phew! Lucky hubby came up with the new camera idea otherwise the next step for him probably would have been the bog of eternal stench LOL

As for the butternuts - they should keep pretty well, and there's always butternut pumpkin soup (with or without red lentils) for lunches. Or A moroccan style butternut and sweet potato (or potato) curry? That would use up tomatoes as well.

Kelly the City Mouse said...

Oh gawd how I love a good Labyrinth reference! Maybe we'll hook up the ol' VHS and watch that tonight :)

All excellent ideas. Hubby is big into pumpkin soups. I'd never had them in the US, at all. I keep trying to find a good sweet (he likes it very sweet/creamy) pumpkin soup recipe that isn't a million calories. Do you have one, by any chance?

We Americans treat pumpkin as more of a sweet, using it in breakfast breads, muffins, dessert pies, tarts, UK-style scones, etc. Oooh! And my two fave ways to have butternut: pan-fried with sweet chili sauce (served with broiled/grilled sweet chili & lemon basa fish), and the other is to split them in half and roast with stuff in the cavity. Sweet (chopped apple, brown sugar, cinnamon) and savory (shredded leek w/ celery, walnuts, sultanas & goat cheese) work with this one. Hmm.. I foresee a pun'kin post!

Margo said...

Labyrinth references are good - but David Bowie in tight pants is better LOL! I can't persuade Jerry to watch it again so I have to resort to the Princess Bride. But as I am so sad that I can practically recite the entire dialogue I have to promise to be quiet during the movie LOL

Humperdiiink....humperdink, humperdink, humperdink..... :)

Alas don't know about sweet and creamy recipes for pumpkin soup...maybe you could try slow roasting the pumpkin first before making it into soup? And use some yoghurt for creaminess?

That pan fried pumpkin sounds scrummy...bring on the pumpkin post!

Running Up That Hill said...

Poor camera, I have had to replace one the last year thanks to a rampaging toddler smashing mine.

wow that will be a lot of pumpkin soup from your patch:)

I am trying to come up with a layout for my veggie patch, any ideas you may have would be awesome, I posted some pics of my very blank canvas:)

Kelly the City Mouse said...

Margo: Okay, just so you know, I've informed my husband we NEED to go to Vic and pass through your town for lunch, at least. I a.d.o.r.e. Bowie, to possibly unhealthy levels. As for Princess Bride, can I just say that I'm now craving a nice M.L.T. where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe. They're so perky!

Good idea on the yogurt! I'll try that next time. I'd been using coconut milk/cream but it was just too fattening.

Pumpkin post will arrive around the time of our first pumpkins, I promise :)

Running: Ah, children (furry or human) do have some serious destructive powers, don't they? Well, we scored the new camera today and I'll get back to posting within the week, yay!

I saw the pictures. We can definitely help. All depends on what kind of planting you want to do. Flat, slightly raised, or no-dig, moon planting, companion planting, rows, grind, whee! lol

RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

My, my, my! Now the question begs to be asked: what kind of camera will my wonderful sis acquire? Nikon D90? Canon EOS? Something wildly wickedly fun with delicious manual settings and terrific lenses?

I simply must know! Cameras are my thing and I am eager to get you hooked up on my Flickr (pro) account to enhance your terrific blog!

So, since the Labrynth reference has already been used as was the child-rearing naughty step.... I'm forced to say:

Good thing he swung that left turn at Albuquerque (with the camera and clean up) to avoid collision with pit of despair.

(Name that cartoon and movie)


Kelly the City Mouse said...

Lacy: Ha! You're funny. As if we churchmice have such fortunes. Try a Samsung L100 on sale for $140. It's the newer version of the one what got 'et. But it serves me well enough.

As for the rest...Bugs Bunny guest starring in Princess Bride, of course. :P

I'm up way too late.

Margo said...

I have a canon IXUS 700 and I LOVE it - fits in pocket or handbag so I get to take a lot of pics I might otherwise miss.

We have to come to Adelaide to pick up the inlaws from the UK on our way to Skippy Island for a holiday and I've already told DH we're going a day early so we can meet up. So put Sunday lunch Nov 1st in your diary...either that or start making plans to get the heck outta dodge. I've given you fair warning [grin]

And just remember...the chocolate coating makes it go down easier :)

Mmmmmmmmmmm gelfling !!

Running Up That Hill said...

hehehe Yay you are great:) I have been really keen on moon gardening for years, would love to do a raised veggie patch and a diamond shaped rosemary and lavender plant around the clothes line. I have started my seedling for tomatoes, zuchinis and eggplant, so hoping they will start shooting soon:) can't wait to see more pics!

Kelly the City Mouse said...

Margo: Gah! I adore you hahaha. I nearly did a DC reference but didn't want to press my 80's geek luck.

Too cool that you'll be in the area, and even better that you're going to KI. It is among my most favorite places on earth. If you've never been, or if it's been awhile, we've found some really cool places to visit in the last couple years. And YES! Absolutely we will block off the whole day just so we can make sure we're free when you guys are nearby. What fun!

Running: I just think it's awesome that a young, school-swamped mom is putting such value in home gardening and good organic veggies. As the saying goes, you're my kinda people! And I bet that rosemary/lavender diamond will be beautiful. Just beware of bees nipping at you while hanging the wash! You're welcome to take cuttings of our lav and rosemary if you'd like :) Our rosemary is fairly young but survived the heatwave beautifully and our lavender is HUGE and strong.

Margo said...

Any Kangaroo Island suggestions or top picks, or unmissable sights please let us know. We've never been, and we'll have at least a week to have a good look around. As it's about 14 hours driving to get there we might not be back again for a few years... .

Running Up That Hill said...

thanks! I got a cut of lavender,rosemary and ivy yesterday. Quick dip in seasol and some organic potting mix and they should grow for me soon! Can't wait to see the pumpkin recipes:p my dad makes a mean roast pumpkin and crab risotto,taste pretty good from memory:)

Kelly the City Mouse said...

Margo: Consider a KI travelogue added to my list of future posts :)

Running: Pumpkin-Crab risotto? OMG, share! I'd have to tell my husband it was something else, though lol...he's deludedly anti-crab. Silly man. Also, I really want to comment on your blog but it's set to only allow team members to comment. If that is your wish, then groovy! If not, you might wanna check your settings.

Running Up That Hill said...

weird I will change that setting! I will post the recipe asap:)