08 December, 2008

Bumper Harvest and Crazy Ideas

Our cherry harvest boomed in, this weekend. All eight cherries of it. But we're really quite happy with that count as we didn't even know we had a cherry tree until two months ago when hubby carved it out from amongst a veil of suffocating vines. There are still another dozen, or so, cherries on the tree, and oh boy are they sweet. Like little balls of honey, these bright red treats.

So, after slaving away to handle the onslaught of cherries, we had planned to patch and paint the bathroom and laundry. Well, hubby was going to do that, and I was going to rip up the horrific 1970's vinyl flooring in the hallway, with all plans set to begin the long hand-sanding process of refinishing our hidden wood floors.

Then I had an idea.

Always a dangerous thing, my ideas.

You see, we've been the proud owners of two full kitchens for over a third of the year, now. Hubby's aunt and uncle's friends (did you follow that?) ripped out their somewhat dated kitchen in exchange for steel and stone, and offered us the rippings. We gladly accepted, as we had painfully dated cupboards and counters of our own.

Unfortunately, we allowed the snowball effect to slow our roll on installing the better-than-what-we-had kitchen. We made a list and decided we'd need to pull the old kitchen, paint all the walls, finish the floor, then install the newer stuff. This meant money. And that's just something we rarely ever have.

So, for weeks upon weeks, the poor cabinets lived in shedded squalor, and we continued to wonder if we'd ever have the perfect storm of money, time, weather, and supplies for the kitchen re-do.

Curious to see what we've done, and why I mention this homestead headache?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post.

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