11 December, 2008

Dereliction and the Domino Effect

Have you ever begun a project, which led to a project, which led to a project, and the next time you looked up, several days had floated by? Yeah, that's the deal on the Suburban Plot.

In the past few days we've torn out a kitchen, put in another one, rearranged the living and dining rooms, planned out floor refinishing and begun ripping up vinyl, bought gear for turning standard door into a sliding door, refitted pipes on two sinks, sealed a shower floor, bailed out the peppers from within a forest of two-foot-tall weeds and mulched said peppers, purchased and planned holiday cards and gifts, and met with our mortgage broker (no, we're not selling...yet).

Oy vey!

It's been one hell of a week. Due to the chaos, I've been horrible about online contacts. I really must learn better time management so that I can accomplish everything I want, not just one or two bits.

The week's results are satisfying, though. We can boast some shiny new-to-us cabinets and counter tops, a much more spacious flow to our little home, a gorgeous pepper patch, and what we hope will be some nifty, albeit very very inexpensive, gifts for our loved ones.

This weekend is no less jammed with home improvement tasks with sanding the hallway floorboards being highest on the list. Hubby will be busy as a bee doing the things we actually planned for last week had I not been inspired to do the kitchen, and Kitchen Phase 2 (muted curry colored paint, polished wood floors, new back splash) will begin with wall patching and paint priming.

I'm not really sure what's gotten into us, lately! We've become house-mad work addicts. We've stayed up to, or past, midnight every night, this week, and still we sallied forth with each day's duties. All we can hope is that all our slavish labor pays off in the end.


Geoff said...

The kitchen is looking good! It's amazing what a difference can be made in a small span of time, and also amazing how many extra jobs need to be done along the way...

Kelly the City Mouse said...

Thanks, Geoff! The Hubby is amazingly handy with these things. My talents lie more in the Idea Man category ;) You are so right. But, together we're chipping away at the mountain of "To Do"!